How to merge multiple PDF files together into one PDF online?

AltoPDF team

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If you often work with PDF documents you may face problems of merging two or more files into one new file. That’s why it’s very essential to find out how to merge PDF files quickly and easily. Usually it requires time-consuming and frustrating steps: search for the required program in the web, download it to your computer, installation process. Then you have to find out how it works, read instruction and configuration guide. It will cost you time and money. Sometimes it can even cost a client or a deal. But now you have an online tool which will help merge PDF documents fast and without any effort. No need to retype the document or download additional PDF merging software to the hard drive of your computer. With Altomerge service you can manage this task online and completely free.

First, open the website. The interface is efficient and intuitive. It works as simple as it sounds: just upload the needed PDF files to the special box on the website page, rearrange or delete the pages according to your needs and click the Merge button. It will take you just several minutes instead of hours. This powerful merger tool enables you to merge files of different formats which is very useful once you deal with variety of different documents: contracts, applications, proposals, paychecks. And you don’t have to search for or download converter programs, Altomerge will do all the hard work. Now you can manage your workflow more effectively and without any additional costs.

Altomerge service is available for Mac and Windows operating systems and you can easily merge PDFs on any Internet connected device. Follow the simple steps to create a new PDF document of the existing files and return to your ordinary tasks.

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